Tentative Training Curriculum

 DAY 1  Description  Duration
Insights – Unity in Diversity  Every organization has members with different personalities. Understanding about different personalities via Colors of Personality by INSIGHT, gives the leader a understanding of how each personality type work and how to manage a team diverse in personality and talents.  2 hours
The Art of Communication Through games, participants learn about how communications break down, and why maintaining good communications is important across all levels of management.  2 hours
Conducting Effective Meetings Many times a board room can be rather chaotic when issues are deliberated without some semblance of order. After a noisy debate, not only does issues not get resolved, parties involves sometimes get personal taking things out of the board room or AGM. Robert’s Rules of Order, is a guide for organizations to adopt an orderly and fair way of discussing issues, common rules and procedures for deliberation and debate in order to place the whole membership on the same footing and speaking the same language. 2 hours
 DAY 2  Description  Duration
Organization Leadership We examine various styles of leadership matched with different levels of maturity of the membership, for example the directive style of leadership effective when members are new and need directions, but less effective with mature members with new ideas. 3 hours
Mock AGM Part 1 Based on the Rules of Order, attendees will deliberate on issues, vote on motions, make decisions and pass minutes and agenda. This simulates actual environments that youth leaders typically encounter when running meetings.  2 hours
Project Planning & Preparation for General Meeting  Given projects to plan for including pitching for events, election of officers and change to constitutions, teams will prepare their motions which are to be deliberated in a AGM setting. Participants will need to campaign, lobby for votes in advance of the meeting so as to win their motions or proposals.  4 hours
 DAY 3  Description  Duration
 Mock AGM Part 2  As a culmination of what was taught and projects prepared, teams will be pitching their proposals to the general assembly,deliberating on issues, campaigning and voting on proposals. This session will be a more mature session after practicing in the first Mock AGM.  4 hours
 Public Speaking and Debating Tips  Being able to speak well as a leader is paramount to engage members as well as the media. In this session, participants will learn from one of the foremost leaders in Public Speaking and Debating, JCI Sen. Graham Hanlon.  1 hour

*Program is subjected to changes due to venue and instructor availability